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International Workshop On Railway Vehicle Industrial Design 2016

Such unbelievable design might come true in the future. During Nov. 16th to Nov. 18th, the first international workshop in the field of rail transit industrial design –International Workshop on Railway Vehicle Industrial Design 2016 will be hosted. Industrial design experts and scholars from 27 countries and regions including China, UK, USA, Australia, France, Italy, Germany and Japan will gather in Qingdao to share ideas on industrial design innovation for railway vehicles.

December 23,2016

Official Launching of Industrial Engineering Undergraduate Minor Project

At the recent Tsinghua University Teaching Committee First Plenary Meeting of Spring Semester in 2016, the industrial engineering minor project submitted by industrial engineering department got approved. From the beginning of spring semester in 2016, the industrial and engineering minor would begin enrolling students from undergraduates in the whole university and classed would be started in the autumn semester.

July 10,2016

2016 second session of the rail vehicle Industrial Design Conference

ccording to Liang Jianying, president of the Society, CRRC chief engineer, the international Society was another collaborative innovation platform led by CRRC Sifang after its establishment of Sino-German Joint R&D Centre on Railway Technology in Germany and Innovation Design Alliance of China in Hangzhou as the principle leader this October. In future, an academic conference would be held every two years.

March 16,2016

NAE Member, Professor Ahsan Kareem, Is Employed as Honorary Professor.

GDEC: in the morning of March 18, Prof. Ahsan Kareem, NAE member, president of International Association for Wind Engineering, professor of civil and environmental engineering and geological sciences department, American Notre Dame University, was employed as our honorary professor. The engagement ceremony was held in the international lecture hall of Railway Campus. Prof. Tian Hongqi, Academician of China, Vice President of CSU, issued the letter of appointment to Professor Ahsan Kareem.

March 18,2016

Thailand Delegation Is Visiting the Company

A 6-person Thailand delegation paid a visit to the company on November 26. Accompanied by company vice president, Hu Zhijun, the delegation gave full affirmation on management and comprehensive strength of the company and was confident in the next step of cooperation after visiting the assembly production line of diesel locomotives.

May 20,2016

Asian Engineering Deans’ Summit (AEDS) Opens in Zhejiang University.

On May 16, over 30 engineering deans, experts and scholars from colleges and universities in Asia and Oceania came all the way to Zhejiang University to attend the two-day Asian Engineering Deans’ Summit and shared their experiences and thoughts in engineering education.

May 26,2016


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